Hofstra University Continuing Education Course Catalog: Summer & Fall 2022

Business and Data Analytics Certificate Program
Healthcare Information Technology Certificate Program
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Business and Data Analytics Certificate Program

Business Analytics is the study of how to transform data into insights. In these courses you will learn the basics of analytics including the basics of information description such as qualitative and quantitative data, conducting group comparisons, understanding probability distributions, how to create developing hypothesis tests, creating prediction models used in machine learning such as regression, and how to apply the techniques for business solutions.

In the first part you will use Excel to understand how to describe data, and categorize different variables, as well as understand how data is distributed. In addition, you will learn about probability and its importance in conducting analysis. Finally, the course will show you how to generate appropriate sample sizes for testing.

The second part uses excel to conduct confidence intervals for population parameters, understanding group comparisons such as the t-test. You will also use Excel to develop simple regression models, and multiple regression for predictions. Regression topics will include the inclusion of dummy variables for categorical variables, transformation of dependent variables, and assessing the prediction model.

Basics of Analytics - Understanding Data and Analysis - Online Program Register Now!
T1500-01 Online: Self-Paced $415
This module provides the basics of understanding data and preliminary analysis of data. The module provides information on basic descriptive statistics using Excel. In addition, students will learn more about probability distributions, variance and standard deviation, kurtosis and skewness, and covariance and correlation. Additional topics include probability, sampling, estimation and application of these measures.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Excel (Mac or PC), and basic understanding of mathematical concepts.

Healthcare Information Technology Certificate Program

Health care information technology is the intersection of information science, computer science, and health care. Billions of federal dollars are spent on health care IT, and hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested right here on Long Island. Start planning now for a new career in health care information technology! The Healthcare Information Technology Certificate. The program’s online learning platform provides 24/7 access to the curriculum and interactive learning tools, allowing students to study on a schedule that fits their individual lifestyles. Each course features approximately 24 hours of material. Students are encouraged to spend at least four hours a week on course work to complete the course in a timely fashion.

Security, Privacy, and Regulation Issues in HIT - Online Program Register Now!
T2020-01 Online: Self-Paced $740
Get an overview of the complex nature of government (both state and federal) regulations affecting health information systems such as HIPAA and SOX, and the impact on systems for payers, providers and patients. Review security concerns and the technologies used to ensure data integrity and privacy. By learning how to secure data from both a provider perspective and payer perspective, you will understand the complexity and costs associated with securing the environment and data. Course topics include hardware security, encryption, firewalls, secure transmissions, internal controls, data retention and monitoring systems.
Recommended Textbook: CompTIA Security+: SYO-601 Certification Guide: Complete coverage of the new CompTIA Security+ (SYO-601) 2nd Edition 2020 by Ian Neil, ISBN-13: 978-1800564244

Introduction to Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) - Online Program Register Now!
T2010-01 Online: Self-Paced $740
Health information technology is the fastest-growing segment of the health care industry with billions of dollars dedicated to driving down costs through increased quality of care, decreased error rates, and more expedient claims adjudication, payment and fraud detection. Students learn how the technologies and policies affect various stakeholders — patients, providers (hospitals and doctors), payers (insurance companies and FSA holders) and government (CMS, Medicare, HHS, DOJ, etc.) – and explore topics such as provider health systems, payer systems, patient systems, and government policy and oversight.

Introduction to Healthcare Studies - Online Program Register Now!
T2090-01 Online: Self-Paced $740
This course provides students with a basic knowledge of anatomy and the body’s systems, including the functioning of the skeletal and muscular systems, and also covers the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive, and endocrine systems. The focus is on the knowledge needed for an employee who does not work directly with patients.

Enterprise Systems, Architectures, and Future Technologies - Online Program Register Now!
T2086-01 Online: Self-Paced $740
The healthcare industry has three principal constituents: patients, providers and healthcare insurance companies (aka payors). This course examines the enterprise system infrastructure of large medical centers as well as payors, and reviews the various Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems used. Technology vendor selection best practices and implementation methodologies are examined, as well as process improvement methodologies like Six Sigma. Federal privacy and security regulations are reviewed, and considerable content covers information security and the various ways data and systems can be attacked and protected (Firewalls, VPNs, VLANs, Identity Management, Access Controls, IDP, IPS, etc.). The future of healthcare information technology is also examined in detail. This course has nine (9) modules starting with an Introductory module.

Healthcare Data Warehousing and Analytics - Online Program Register Now!
T2030-01 Online: Self-Paced $740
Examine the importance of data warehousing for both providers and payers, including an overview of data warehousing technologies for OLAP and consider the importance of analytics throughout the health care information technology environment. Learn about the use of data warehouses for clinical analysis used by hospitals, researchers and government agencies; medical management for the purposes of minimizing costs while providing quality care; and underwriting risk for group policies. Additional topics include database design, ETL, and data mining.

Healthcare Projects: Processes, Controls, and Quality - Online Program Register Now!
T2040-01 Online: Self-Paced $740
Learn about project management for health IT projects, and get an overview of the processes specific to HIT as they relate to meeting regulatory standards and privacy concerns. As part of a team, you will develop and complete a plan for a project and put into action the skills you’ve learned in the previous courses. As you go along, your team will provide updates to “management.” At the end of the course, your team will formally present its project deliverables.

Fundamentals of Health Informatics - Online Program Register Now!
T2060-01 Online: Self-Paced $740
Get introduced to health informatics at a level appropriate for non-IT professionals. This practical course emphasizes how to use computers to solve some central problems in coordinating the resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use ofinformation in health care. Topics include the nature of healthcare data; their exchange and analysis; challenges surrounding clinical data storage and retrieval; medical imaging systems; telemedicine; and the management of healthcare information.

QuickStart Online Training

These programs are offered through Hofstra Continuing Education, in partnership with QuickStart, the award-winning IT workforce readiness and career development platform. With its unique proprietary learning methodology QS Learn, QuickStart’s AI-based, cognitive learning platform CLIPP allows you to create a personalized learning path to learn required concepts and job-ready skills in your field of choice. QuickStart, an innovative player in the field of IT E-Learning, is an Austin based Microsoft Gold Partner accredited by Cisco, NetApp, ITIL, CompTIA, and EC Council.

These bootcamps are designed to accommodate both students and working professionals. You can earn your degree or certification by learning and preparing for exams online, as per the convenience of your own schedule. There is zero compromises on the quality of education provided.

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